Cindy Sherman is most known for her experimental portraiture and reappropriation of female stereotypes found in film. She typically uses herself as a model for her photographs, assuming multiple roles as hairdresser, director, and costume designer. Sherman is very concerned with women’s roles in culture, and how women have been silenced. In this photograph, Sherman [...]

Two Young Men Chaining a Warp


Doris Ulmann was known for her photographs of Appalachian people, often hard at work. When Ulmann came to the Berea area, she saw Appalachians working their crafts in traditional ways that were very foreign to her industrial, Northern background. These men chaining a warp are performing a key step in one of Appalachia’s quintessential crafts. [...]

Older African American woman seated, holding open book


This photograph of an African American woman with an open book was taken in Berea, Kentucky--home to Berea College and the Doris Ulmann Galleries. Doris Ulmann’s portraits of Appalachian people were close to her heart, having spent much of her later life in Appalachia. Doris Ulmann was a woman who valued people of all backgrounds, a [...]