Welcome to dulmanngalleries.berea.edu. This website is the digital arm of Berea College’s Doris Ulmann Galleries. Here, we will have information about upcoming and current events at the galleries, information on pieces in the collection, and content intended to keep you up to date on the latest goings on.

The Doris Ulmann Galleries have six galleries total. There are two that feature items from the Berea College Art Collection during the academic year, three that feature changing exhibitions, and one that is completely unscheduled to provide students an experimental space .

While we directly serve the Art and Art History Department by bringing the classroom to the galleries, art can also be used as a teaching tool for anything from Political Science and Area Studies to STEM fields. We encourage anyone with an open mind to visit and learn in the galleries.

In addition to the normal services and information you would expect to find on an art gallery’s website, we will be featuring a student-run blog. Blog posts will be in topics including museum operations, art collecting, and some prominent donors to our galleries.

Thanks to all who have made this website possible. We’re looking forward to broadening the reach of the Doris Ulmann Galleries.