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Artist Talk: October 25, 4:30pm


Artist Statement:
My work is about the experience of place and time and how those experiences come together.

For the work in this series, I used two books as inspiration, the novel, Forgotten Country, by Catherine Chung; and Difficult Fruit by poet Lauren Alleyne. My goal was, to paraphrase the artist Robert Motherwell, maintain my own iconography while using the text as inspiration.

The words of the novel and poems were the starting point. I read and re-read the books, documenting phrases and short passages that resonated with me. Along the way, I discovered connections and explored new ways to approach the subject matter. The drawings and prints are a visual representation of that dialogue, a synthesis of experience, time, and place.


Image: Between Flicker and Fade, Graphite, 2015, 28″ x 36″