This vase, created by Clément Massier, has a rich aubergine color, mixed with gold and green lustre glaze. Directly under the neck, on the shoulder of the vase, are six half-rings, to be used for suspension. Massier was born into a family a ceramicists and, from an early age, took an interest in continuing the [...]

Rembrandt Drawing at a Window


Rembrandt is known for creating nearly one hundred self-portraits. He frequently, minorly altered his appearance in his self-portraits. His facial hair, dress, or expression varies widely throughout the studies. These small changes, for Rembrandt, helped him to increase his self-understanding. Here, he depicts himself at a window drawing at his desk. The shading of etching [...]

The Flagellation


A Florentine painter, known only as the Master of San Martino alla Palma, produced this painting in the mid-fourteenth century. The Flagellation depicts the whipping of Christ by Roman soldiers before his crucifixion. Many Christians practiced self-flagellation, or Mortification of the Flesh, during the era of this painting. Today, it is primarily monastics who practice [...]