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The Great Society, Inner Core


Warrington Colescott is an American artist best known for his satirical etchings. Colescott studied painting while at University but discovered his love of printmaking in the 1960s. This print is a part of The Great Society series, which is aimed at former president Lyndon B. Johnson’s grandiose political agenda of the same name. Launched in [...]

Landscape with Cow Drinking


Rembrandt van Rijn is generally considered one of the finest painters and printmakers in Europe and the most important in Dutch History. He is most remembered for his intimate self-portraits and biblical scenes. Although there are prints from nearly every year of Rembrandt’s artistic career, this etching was likely created in the 1630s when he [...]

The Triumph of Mordecai


This print depicts the story of Mordecai, a main figure in the book of Esther in the Hebrew Bible. Here Rembrandt has shown Persia’s celebration of Mordecai’s victory over Haman. Haman was a vindictive court official. After Mordecai refused to prostrate himself before Haman, Haman decided to murder every Jewish exile as punishment. When Mordecai [...]

The Windmill


Rembrandt is better known for his paintings, but throughout his artistic career he created hundreds of prints. Often he would use the same imagery in his prints as in his paintings; like in this piece. Sometimes called “Rembrandt’s Mill” for an endearing legend about Rembrandt’s birth, The Windmill is an etched print. Rembrandt was the [...]

On the Way


As a social realist who favored abstract modes of expression, Jacob Lawrence depicted the African American experience and the world around him with vivacity and energy. His images reflect his keen observation of the sights and sounds of Harlem. He used simplified forms, pattern, repetition, and bold color to express the mood and meaning of [...]

Christ Preaching (Le Petit Tombe)


Christ Preaching exhibits Rembrandt’s willingness to experiment with different printmaking techniques later in his artistic career. He moved away from his earlier method of exclusively using a copper etching technique and has introduced engraving and drypoint intaglio methods. The strong lines of etching can be augmented with the precision of engraving and fluidity of drypoint [...]

South Seas Island


John La Farge was mainly known for his stained glass work. In the late nineteenth century, La Farge created numerous stained glass pieces for buildings that are now national treasures. Born in New York City to French parents, La Farge grew up bilingually and studied art when at Mount St. Mary’s University in Maryland and [...]

Red Mesa IV


Lester F. Pross was one of the most pioneering members of the Berea College faculty during his time here. Born in Bristol, Connecticut and graduating from Oberlin College, Pross joined the Berea College art department in 1946. He retired after 45 years in 1991, only to return to the College in 2000 to teach painting [...]