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Rookwood Pottery is recognisable for its dark palette and eastern influences as seen here.With the creative freedom Rookwood encouraged, artist Matthew Daly drew inspiration from East Asian culture. After nearly 200 years of seclusion, Japan opened its borders to foreign influences in 1853. In reaction, Europe and America were suddenly filled with Japanese art and [...]



Alexander Calder designed a series of fourteen wall hangings in 1973 as a part of a 1972 Nicaraguan earthquake relief project. Calder’s designs were produced by more than one hundred master weavers from Nicaragua and Guatemala. The weavers worked with natural braided sisal, a fiber made from native agave plants. The pieces were not woven, [...]

The Cliff Dwellers

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Thomas Moran’s 1899 oil painting captures a brilliant Western landscape, including a Native American cliff village. Originally referred to as the Grand Canyon, the piece was considered to be a glimpse into the uncharted West; later research placed the scene in Mesa Verde, CO, presumably depicting Anasazi dwellings. The Cliff Dwellers was one of many [...]

House in Marblehead, Mass.


Maurice Prendergast is considered to be a leading American Post-Impressionist. He is known for his urban landscapes and figures engaged in leisure activities, such as visiting parks and beaches. His training began in Boston before he moved to Paris where he spent three years, and studied at the Académie Julian. After completing school, Prendergast found [...]