Project Description

Rookwood Pottery is recognisable for its dark palette and eastern influences as seen here.With the creative freedom Rookwood encouraged, artist Matthew Daly drew inspiration from East Asian culture. After nearly 200 years of seclusion, Japan opened its borders to foreign influences in 1853. In reaction, Europe and America were suddenly filled with Japanese art and culture. This “Japonisme” can be seen in the piece’s simple and balanced form and natural motif. Artists like Daly were affected by the flat areas of strong color, and the compositional freedom of off-center subject matter they found in Japanese artwork. This piece came into the collection as a gift of Mrs. W.A. Julian. After graduating from Berea College, she and her husband developed a large art collection, which she bequeathed to her alma mater.  

-Susan Bonta, Class of 2018


Object Details

Matthew A. Daly, 1860-1937
19th C.
15 3/16" x 6"
From the Estate of Mrs. W. A. Julian, 1950