Project Description

Much of Pablo Picasso’s work dealt with moving away from standard academic art forms. This textile was designed in 1956 by Pablo Picasso for Fuller Fabrics’ Modern Masters print series. The Modern Masters series included textile designs by Picasso, Míro, Warhol, Léger, Dufy, and Chagall. The textiles were sold both for clothing and for furnishings, and are popular among vintage textile collectors. Fuller Fabrics’ Modern Masters series was part of a larger post-war movement to bring art into the homes of the masses. With work by famous artists easily accessible and seen around town, art was taken from an exclusive realm to something everyone could enjoy. The Modern Masters series was one of many steps that attempted to merge the gap between fine art and applied art, making art an aspect of everyday life for many.

-Constantine Botimer, Class of 2019

Object Details

Pablo Picasso for Fuller Fabrics (Spanish, 1881-1973)
72” x 40”
Gift of Fuller Fabrics