Project Description

Part of Zorn’s famous nude series, this etching was created two years before the start of World War I. Zorn was a Swedish virtuoso who used different media to create images that invoke emotions in the viewer. The medium used to create this piece is etching. An etching is created when a copper plate is covered in a resin that is then carved into to create the image. The plate is then placed in an acid bath to etch the lines into the metal. Zorn used these lines to create his composition without outlining the figure and shapes within the piece. He used the contrast between light and dark to portray the woman as a ghostly figure and her reflection in the water. To make parts of the print darker he used thicker lines and concentrated them to one specific area. This piece is interesting in the way that you can look at it from a distance and clearly see a woman sitting on a river bank, but once you get close you can see the imperfections of the lines.

-Haleigh George, Class of 2016

Object Details

Anders Zorn (Swedish, 1860-1920)
7 1/2" x 10 1/2"
Gift of Ross Sloniker